Buying Criteria represents the criteria a buyer holds as important when making a purchase decision of a product in the Product Category you have defined.   Delvantage will guide you through in defining 5 Buying Criteria for each segment you create.  Each Buying Criteria will be weighted in terms of which ones have a stronger impact on the buying decision vs others.   To make it simpler, Delvantage has categorized Buying Criteria across the following:

From the Buyer point of view:

For each of the Segments you produce in Delvantage, there will most likely be a primary buying Orientation.  Meaning, one of the three orientations emerges and becomes the most important in the buying decision for that segment.   Don’t be surprised if you find that most of your Buyer Type III segments trend towards Speed and Product orientation, while Buyer Type I segments trend towards Adaptation and Product.   This is a natural evolution in a product category adoption lifecycle.