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Delvantage Product Marketers Competitive Landscape

Delvantage Product Marketers Competitive Landscape

How it Works

Load Delvantage up with your knowledge - the markets you're in, your marketshare, your competitors, and market size and growth rates. Work with the Delvantage team to execute your VoC survey to your customers and prospects. Delvantage will analyze the inputs and give you a playbook for how to win.

  1. Learn why people choose you, and also why they don't.
  2. Know how you deliver on what's most important to customers, as well as how you stack up against your competitors.
  3. Understand your optimal segmentation and the needed value props for each

What You'll Get

  • Your optimal segmentation and the revenue value of each segment
  • Your best value proposition, by segment, versus your competition
  • The buying behavior of each segment
  • How each segment perceives you, relative to your competition
  • What each segment values most in the customer experience

Create an Outside-in Approach to Growth

Delvantage Analytics puts the customer at the center of your strategic and tactical planning. You'll bring insights in from the outside, to reveal new opportunities for fresh marketing campaigns, sales programs, and brand experiences. Your strategies and go-to-market programs will become even more effective. You'll begin filling the top of the sales funnel with higher quality leads that will convert at a higher rate. You'll be the go-to person for Sales, with the most fresh, insightful information on how to beat the competition.

Delvantage Analytics has been amazing. For our flagship product, It revealed that our channel partners were making it harder for us to grow - that our customers needed a stronger brand promise directly from us. Now we’re growing at twice the market rate.
— Director of Product Marketing, Cypress, CA

The Bottom Line

Right now a customer is deciding whether or not to buy what you're selling.

Do you know how they're making that decision?

Do you know how they feel about your rivals?

Do you know how well you deliver what's most important to that prospect?

Delvantage will make sure you know the answer to each of these questions. It's a cloud-based decision support tool that helps you find new customer segments, what matters most to them, and what they think of you compared to your competition. Delvantage not only reveals these insights to you, it also gives you a playbook for how to compete in each segment and create share growth.