What We Do

We empower ‘YOU.’ We empower you to create effective growth strategy. And here’s the best part: You don’t have to be a seasoned strategists or hire an army of consultants to do it. At Dobie Delphi, we strive to turn ordinary professionals into extraordinary strategists that will positively impact the businesses they work for and the people they work with.

How We Do It

We believe in data. Specifically, the ability to leverage data to make strategic decisions. We’ve created a software application that navigates you through a series of bite-sized, interactive activities that builds the necessary foundation to produce growth strategy. By focusing on internal capabilities, voice of the customer, segment sizing, market threats, rival relative position and scenario planning, our application will connect the dots between your capabilities, business performance and strategic plan. Our software doesn’t magically create strategy for you (although it may seem like it). Instead, it builds upon your data, your decisions, and acts as a guide that you and your organization can align around. It’s never been easier. You can use it standalone, or integrate it with existing tools and apps that you already have in your organization.

For Whom We Do It

We believe the best individuals to create growth strategy are the leaders in the organization that need to execute it. By using the Dobie Delphi application, we enable:

  • CEOs to gain organizational alignment and convey effective growth strategies to their board

  • CFOs to evaluate growth and spend initiatives that are consistent across the organization

  • Product Leaders to drive strategy in the organization, not chase it

  • Sales leaders to get the organization working on the right initiatives that will enable her team to meet or exceed quota