Keeping Your Data Safe

Our application and services are creating new insights on how B2B companies can effectively grow their business.  We understand the importance of creating a trustworthy place for your company and market data.  As such, we have partnered with hosting providers that share our passion in data security.

Access and Data Protection

We employ the following capabilities to ensure your data is highly accessible, and immune from loss.

  • Multi-node cluster for reliability and high availability

  • Automatic failover

  • Managed disaster recovery backups

  • 24/7 operations team


Securing Your Data

Our application and it’s infrastructure is built with security in mind.  Here are a few of the many measures we take to ensure a secure environment.    


The Delvantage application resides in a dedicated private network. The only entry point into the private network is the load balancer. Servers within the private network do not have public IPs and are not accessible from the outside world.


Our servers all sit behind a network firewall. Security groups are specifically created for each server or set of similar servers. Each group has rules specific for the server’s task. Only the ports needed for correct functionality of the system are opened for communication.


SSH login uses private key authentication on all servers. Access to the private key files are tightly controlled.  Using private key authentication means our servers are immune to brute force password attacks. Every server also has SSH abuse protection. If a single endpoint attempts to login too quickly, the endpoint is temporarily banned.


Rate limiting is applied at the load balancing level for both http and https traffic. Requests will be dropped if an endpoint exceeds the configured rate threshold.


The Delvantage application is set up with SSL Encryption, protecting the data being transferred between client browser and our servers.   


Hosting Providers

The following hosting companies have been vetted by Delvantage and share our passion for protecting your Data.

Modulus is a premier hosting platform that provides a complete technology stack for application developers. Support for Node.js, PHP, Python, Java, and Nginx out of the box. This includes custom SSL, WebSockets, MongoDB, statistics, and more.

Compose, and IBM company, is a platform for auto-scaling, powerful, secure, highly available cloud database hosting.