Segments is an important unit when considering how to gain competitive advantage against your rivals.   It represents the smallest unit of the competitive landscape of your ProductGeo.     For every Segment, the Delvantage application will guide you through in defining the following:     

  • Financials:   Product revenue, market size, growth potential, Share estimates of top Rivals.  (precision is not required > close approximation)

  • Competitors:  Four Competitors you compete against.

  • Buying Criteria:  5 Unique Buying Criteria (from the buyer perspective) that are most influential in the buying decision.  

  • Go to Market Activities:  5 Unique Go to Market Activities (Sales, Marketing, Channel) that best supports the acquisition of the buyer.  

  • Competitive Position:   From the perspective of the buyer, your perceived performance vs your rivals in Buying Criteria and Go to Market.

Using the Delvantage application, Segments get created through the intersection of the Customer Categories and Buyer Types you define and select.  For example, if you specify 4 Customer Categories, with an avg of 2 Buyer Types for each, Delvantage will create 8 Segments.